“It’s not always easy finding the right therapist to treat you, especially when you are feeling ill. It was following a personal recommendation from a close friend that I first attended Marlborough House. I had been feeling very unwell for some time, and was undergoing tests for an inherited liver disease. Unfortunately I continued to get worse and the next step was a liver biopsy, something to which I was not looking forward. That recommendation gave me the confidence to make an appointment with Mr Marar and I’m very pleased that I did. His calm professional manner immediately put me at ease. I felt the benefit straight away from the homeopathic remedies he gave me. I had more energy, and less pain. After each subsequent appointment the progress was noticeable. He also advised that I see Jenny Drewitt who also helped immensely. She highlighted various foods that I needed to avoid. Between the two of them, they got me back on my feet, feeling well, something that I had felt would never happen. It is most noticeable with both Jenny and Mr Marar that they both not only listen to what I tell them, but they both actually hear what I say. My life changed dramatically for the better, after I acted on that personal recommendation thanks to Jenny and Mr Marar. Do I recommend them to others? Absolutely!”