Has the stress of pain stopped you from living your life properly? Osteopathy may be your answer.

What is Osteopathy?


Although our osteopaths in Taunton treat many conditions, most people think of us as relieving pain. However, our approach is holistic, and we believe that your entire body will work more harmoniously if you maintain its natural balance. Like a car, if a part is worn its overall performance will suffer, and it may eventually break down. The inevitable result for your body is wear and tear and consequent pain.

The British Medical Association’s guidance for general practitioners states that doctors can safely refer patients to osteopaths.

What to expect

We use a wide range of techniques, including touch, physical manipulation, and massage. These help to increase the suppleness and mobility of your joints, to relieve muscle tension and pain, and to encourage your body’s own healing powers.

Who and what we treat

We can treat people of all ages, from the newborn to the elderly. Our therapies are gentle and we regularly treat children and pregnant women.

Some of the most common complaints we see at Marlborough House are back and neck pain, trapped nerves and sciatica, muscle tension and headaches, trauma from falls, and injuries from sports or car accidents.

Cranial osteopathy

Cranial osteopathy is a particularly gentle therapy. It can be helpful for people of any age, but especially useful for babies and children and the many ailments that trouble them.

FREE 20 Minute Appointment

We  offer  a free 20-minute appointment with us during which time we can give you a back check and discuss your needs. It costs you nothing to find out if we are able to help with your pain or discomfort.

We have a range of male and female practitioners whom you can see in case you have a preference and an available osteopath Monday through to Saturday.

Please note: we highly recommend that babies’ and children’s ailments are reported and discussed with your GP to ensure your children have the very best possible care.

Credentials you ask!

Our qualified and GOsC (General Osteopathic Council) registered osteopaths, who are also supported by the IO(Institute of Osteopathy) are extremely well qualified. Many hold Masters Degrees in Osteopathy  and all have specialisms that have required extra qualifications to be able to deliver. These include expertise in sports treatment, bio-medicine, nutrition, infant and child osteopathic care, pregnancy care, complimentary acupuncture and cranial osteopathic expertise, orthopaedics and biomechanics. We believe that we have a some of the best osteopaths in the south west.

What do our clients say about their experiences?


“Should I have any more problems he will be the first person I will call I can highly recommend anyone to consider speaking to John and let him ‘work his magic’ Many thanks John.”


“I came to visit Daniel with my son James after a discussion with other mums at a local children’s centre and I was desperate to try anything to resolve the hours of screaming and lengthy periods of being unsettled that we were experiencing with James. James appeared to always be in pain after feeds and winding had always been a bit tiresome. James could also not turn his head to the right and always fussed at the breast when trying to feed him and therefore I had to feed him in a rugby ball position. Health professionals dismissed my concerns of his periods of crying as “colic” and that he would “grow out of it”. I cannot thank Daniel enough for the work he has done with James. It has made such a difference to James’ temperament and wellbeing and has also allowed my partner and I to fully enjoy him. I wish Daniel had been recommended to me weeks before as it would have made the early days of James’ life more memorable and enjoyable. All I can say to any parent is that Cranial Osteopathy is a fantastic investment into your child’s future health.” Gemma – Bridgwater“Following an accident, I experienced constant pain in my arm, elbow and shoulder. I had one session with Mr Marar and Daniel Hayward and woke up the next morning pain-free; for the first time since my fall, fifteen months previously. It seems like magic and these two can help you tap in to the magic within oneself.”

Martin – Taunton

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Our Guarantee

Our Taunton Osteopaths WILL help you on your way to the best route for rehabilitation from your pain.

So pick up the phone and call us now on 01823 272227. We have someone ready to pick up the phone to you 6 days a week.

Just remember your pain is unlikely to relieve itself and may well get progressively worse.  So see one of our highly experienced Osteopaths and start your journey of recovery today.

If you would like to learn more about our individual Osteopaths and Cranial Osteopaths, read about our therapists.

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