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You may be in pain, or feeling that life’s got on top of you. You may be experiencing stress at work or problems at home. Eating disorders or allergies may be troubling you. Are you at a loss where to go or what to do for the best? Are you looking for natural health treatments?

A sympathetic ear can be reassuring and bring a huge sense of relief, and at Marlborough House natural health clinic we know how important listening is to the healing process. That’s why we offer you a free twenty minutes to tell us about you and what’s troubling you. We listen, and we ask questions. Then, when we have a true understanding of your problem, we’ll give you our recommendations. Our team of holistic healers and therapists consists of some of the most experienced practitioners in the country.

Natural Health Treatments

At Marlborough House we think of you as a whole person, not as a machine or a set of unrelated symptoms. Our approach is holistic, drawing on a range of gentle harmonizing therapies such as osteopathy, acupuncture or homeopathy, to treat individual problems or conditions.

All of us are fully qualified professional therapists. Equally importantly, we are sympathetic and caring. If we feel you may benefit from a natural therapy, we’ll suggest it. But remember, there’s no obligation.

We make no guarantees. However, we can show you plenty of testimonials from patients who have arrived in pain or suffering a debilitating condition, and who have left feeling considerably better in body and mind after a course of natural remedies.

And remember, all our complementary treatments are gentle and non-invasive. Many of them are suitable for the whole family, both young and old.

Can’t find what you’re looking for in our list of treatments?…or didn’t find the symptoms listed? If you’re still unsure of the best course of action, we are always happy to help. So call us today for advice or to book your free twenty-minute review … or simply contact us