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What are flower essences?

Flower essences have been used for healing since ancient times. The therapeutic qualities of flowers are released and captured when they are placed in pure water and left in sunlight. This is a very different process from the making of many conventional medicines, which are made directly from plant materials.

Each flower essence possesses its own unique properties. Some act on your body at a physical level, stimulating your body’s natural healing powers, while others have a subtle healing influence on your thought patterns and emotions.

We use flower essences from around the world. We use them both singly and in subtle combinations to treat the underlying physical and emotional causes of a wide range of conditions. They offer a unique method of rebalancing the whole person – body, mind and spirit.

What to expect

First we need to know all about you, and we’ll ask you a wide range of questions about your lifestyle, diet, likes and dislikes, and medical history.

Your unique formula may contain a number of different essences. It’s important that when you are back at home you follow the precise dosage programme. Some people we treat at Marlborough House tell us they feel an immediate benefit. With others the healing experience is more gradual.

Who and what we treat

You may be suffering lack of self-esteem. You may be exhausted and sleeping badly. You may feel overburdened by pressure at work or by problems at home. Maybe you are fearful or depressed.

Flower essences are safe and non-habit forming. Many people have reported feeling better after a course of flower essences.

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