CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY (CST) is a hands-on therapy that evolved out of Osteopathy. It is a whole body treatment, and relies on the skill of the practitioner to work with the natural resources in your body, including your spine, muscles, organs and nervous system. Cranial Practitioners use touch to tune in to the subtlest body rhythms. These rhythms include the fluctuation of cerebrospinal fluid, which bathes and nourishes the central nervous system. Using CST, this fluctuation can be encouraged and harmonised. As a result, areas of pain, tension and congestion are released, and your body begins to function more efficiently and naturally.

What to expect

As a first step we take your full health history, including details of your lifestyle. You lie fully clothed on the treatment couch and we use light physical touch to tune in to different parts of your body. Most people enjoy their sessions, and you should feel a deep sense of relaxation. You may also become aware of subtle bodily sensations such as heat, tingling and pulsations. Your session should leave you feeling much better, and the changes in your mind, body and spirit can be long-lasting.

Who and what we treat

Craniosacral therapy is so gentle that it is suitable for babies, children and the elderly, as well as adults.
A baby may become emotionally distressed during birth, and pressure on the soft, pliable skull can create strain on tissues, blood vessels and nerves. Common problems like colic, difficulty in feeding, restlessness or behavioural struggles can be the result. CST can be of tremendous benefit to your child or baby, setting him or her on the path to a healthy and fulfilling future. Many mothers bring their babies to us even after a relatively easy birth.

CST can help alleviate many problems for adults too. It can encourage a more beneficial sleep pattern, make you feel calmer and more able to make decisions, increase physical mobility, and make you less dependent on medication.

Please note: we highly recommend that babies’ and children’s ailments are reported and discussed with your GP to ensure that your children have the very best possible care.

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