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The staff at Marlborough House gave me a lifeline!!

Not only did they help me through a difficult time in my life by offering advice and support but they also gave me the tools and education to be able to help myself. Not just for the time being but for my future too. A combination of time spent with Mr Marar and acupuncture has enabled me to live a life that I only ever believed existed for ‘other’ people! I cannot recommend the establishment highly enough or thank them for what has been given to me.

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“In the last 4 months Mr. Nabeeh Marar, Daniel Hayward and Jenny have all helped me to overcome a range of health problems, which consultants and GP have not been able to resolve. This has enabled me to sleep much better and will enable me to enjoy my teenage years ahead without pain. Thank you very much for all you have done for me.”


“I used the osteopath at Marlborough house for a bad neck I had for years and now it’s fully recovered! That combined with the Alexander technique was a great mix and would highly recommend Marlborough house to anyone.”

Spencer B

“After a course of cranial sacral treatments at Marlborough House I have been amazed at how profound this subtle therapy is. I have had many traditional osteopathic treatments and while I have found it to be very effective, I have found cranial sacral therapy even more so. My bodys alignment has noticeably improved my backache has disappeared and it has been invaluble in helping me to adjust to major changes in my life both physically and mentally.”

Jenny E

“I have used many of the people who work at Marlborough House over the past ten years. I would highly recommend any of them. The atmosphere on arrival is warm and friendly. I have taken my grandchildren and my mother. I can say nothing negative about the care and advice given o the treatments at Marlborough House is second to none.”

Jenny W

“I have had regular appointments with Nabeeh Marar (homeopath) since been diagnosed with Stage 3 bowel cancer that required surgical removal of the majority of my stomach and colon and six months of chemotherapy. Not only did the homeopathic remedies he advised help immeasurably with the side-effects of the chemo (the oncologist used to remark on how well I looked!) but he also gave me invaluable information relating to the vitamin and mineral supplements that my body would need to maintain a good standard of health (given that my digestion was seriously compromised having had so much of my insides removed). I rely on him to keep me healthy on a day-to-day basis. He’s also brilliant at helping with the emotional side of illness; fear, anxiety, relationships etc.

Five years after surgery I am still here, still going strong and thoroughly enjoying life, and having regular ‘maintenance’ appointments at Marlborough House. Whilst I give full credit to the medical team at the hospital for saving my life and keeping a careful eye on me subsequently, I give Nabeeh Marar and Dan Hayward full credit for keeping me healthy and active. Long may I – and they – continue!”

Nabeeh Marar

“A few years ago, I suffered repeated colds, coughs and viral infections, and generally felt unwell and permanently exhausted. No problems were picked up in regular blood tests, so I visited Marlborough House on family recommendation. Following some Homeopathic remedies, dietary advice and a course of acupuncture, I am now full of energy and feel infinitely better. The Clinic experience is wonderful – calm, relaxing and homely feeling. The practitioners are all experienced and make you immediately at ease (I was terrified of needles!) but needn’t have worried. I would highly recommend this Clinic to anyone seeking health advice or suffering any kind of pain.”

Carol B