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So What EXACTLY is Back Pain?

Back Pain is a very generic term for many different types of pain and can present with a plethora of associated symptoms.

Your back pain could for example be located at the base of your neck, in between your shoulder blades, slightly lower around where your ribs stop. Or perhaps you are experiencing the much more classic presentation of low back pain which tends to present right at the bottom of your back in what is known as your Lumbar spine just above your hips.

Even here however the term back pain doesn’t quite finish as technically even sciatic type pain which many have heard of can originate from the low back or the Sacro-Illiac (S/I) joint located where the two large bones that make up your pelvis join to the sacrum.

All these different types of back pain can present with a wide array of additional symptoms to just the localised pain in that section of your back.

For example any pain located from your neck through to the bottom of your rib cage could cause you pain when breathing maybe only a little and nearer the end of a deep breath or it could be a severe pain any time you take more than a shallow gulp of air.

Other common symptoms associated with back pain include what is referred to as “Radiating Pain”, this is usually like an electric shock type of pain running away (usually) from the spine down towards the extremities or outer regions of the trunk. So if you have upper back or neck pain, you may feel a shooting electric pain down one arm for example leaving a tingling in your fingers or perhaps if you have mid to lower back pain you may feel a similar sensation down one leg with a tingling remaining in the lower leg and/or toes?

Some people can have a radiating pain that runs along the length of their rib or ribs, this could occur either around to one side i.e along 1 rib on your right or it could occur on both sides equally at one level or even along several ribs at once. This kind of radiation is usually associated with mid back pain but can also occur from pain in the low neck region.

You may even suffer pain in your back when you cough, sneeze, go to the loo or only when you make a certain or several certain movements?

If any of this sounds familiar, from just one single sore spot through to complete back ache top to bottom, then have a browse below of the various treatment types we offer here at Marlborough House and join the ranks of the thousands of clients we have helped already! (be sure to click the names to read more about the particular therapy) Simply give us a call to see which of our practitioners will be able to help relieve your pain on 01823 272227 for a chat to discuss your symptoms and see what we can do for you.

Our Practitioners Credentials

All of our practitioners have extensive training within their fields of expertise and where possible are registered with the governing bodies of their trades. Many have further qualifications in relation to their subject areas and all are extensively driven to continually progress their learning and knowledge of their crafts.


So Why Marlborough House?

The practitioners offer comprehensive initial consultations allowing for the time to fully assess your problem and hopefully put to bed any fears you may have relating to it or the treatment process as well as allowing for time to begin your treatments with us at the first session. This will all help get you to the quickest most succinct route to being a pain free better you in as comprehensive a way as possible.

Here at Marlborough House we have the luxury of a large pay and display car park just round the corner from the practice preventing you having to search for hours for that convenient open spot!

Marlborough House is located in a beautiful Georgian townhouse in the heart of old Taunton. You’ll find that simply visiting Marlborough House, with its soft, warm colours and furnishings, is restful and soothing. You’ll immediately feel at ease and at home – it’s a world away from the bustle outside allowing you to shed the burdens of the day in the relaxing setting not often found in other cold sterile clinic environments.

Marlborough House is also a very discreet building which helps our clients to feel less like they are airing their problems to the world unlike many clinics that host large medical imagery outside. This allows us to protect your privacy above and beyond the inherent confidentiality that comes with seeing any one of our professional practitioners.

We are situated within 5  minutes walk from the town centre so any chores that need doing in town can be done either side of an appointment without the need to move the car or go to far out of your way.

We are open to see clients on Saturday mornings as well as having 6p.m. appointments (closing at 7) every weekday except Fridays when we close at 6. All of which allows even those that find it particularly difficult to get away from work with opportunity to seek care.

Marlborough House is a centre of excellence where a team of the very best in complementary health care professionals have gathered together to meet your needs and do everything in their power to help you get well, not just physically, but emotionally as well if needed!

We offer complementary drinks for you in the waiting room which helps you settle in an enjoy the environment.

The range of therapies offered at Marlborough House allow for a comprehensive covering of any emotional or physical stresses you may come to us presenting.

Over 18 years of practitioner patient handling experience – you’re in good hands, we’re specialists in what we do and know how to get you pain free all within a friendly, caring and professional atmosphere.

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If you are unsure which treatment may be for you check over these quick blurbs on our Back Pain, Headaches,Restricted Movement page.