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What is orthotics?

Are you suffering foot pain? Do you find walking uncomfortable? The effects of poor foot function are often revealed through aching legs, knee pain and lower back pain. At Marlborough House we can offer expert help and advice.

Orthotics is the correction or prevention of deformities in the foot or ankle. A device (an orthosis) can be specially designed and created to help alleviate your individual foot problem. Research shows that for most sufferers relief is possible through a combination of daily exercises and the wearing of a suitably formulated orthotic.

Important: we would only ever recommend an orthotic device in close consultation with your professional practitioner.

What to expect

In close consultation with your professional practitioner, our fully qualified, registered osteopath will assess your individual needs and design an orthotic device to help you. In addition, we can recommend a number of beneficial exercises that have been specially developed to relieve foot pain.

Who and what we treat

If you are suffering foot pain, including pain in your heel or the ball of your foot, bunions, callouses and corns, or achilles tendonitis, we can help.

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Daniel Hayward

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Our orthotic assessment is carried out by a fully qualified, registered osteopath.
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