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What is counselling?

Sometimes life can seem unbearable, and the most simple tasks impossible to cope with. You may be experiencing problems at work, or difficulties with your relationship or family. We are all very different: a contented life can turn into an unhappy one because of something seemingly trivial, as well as because of a major event.

A sympathetic, professional Marlborough House counsellor can help you identify what it is that is troubling you. We can help you face up to it, and offer a practical plan of action that will help you regain your health, happiness and well-being.

What to expect

You’ll find Marlborough House a comfortable, soothing place to unwind and to talk freely about your problems, and we do everything we can to help you feel comfortable and secure. The greater part of your sessions with us will be taken up with you talking to us or answering questions. We are good listeners! We’ll reassure you that you are not alone and your problems not unique. And you’ll find that simply talking and sharing the burden can make a huge difference to how you feel.

Who and what we treat

We regularly offer counselling to people of all ages, including children and teenagers. So if you are suffering from depression or anxiety, or you feel your life is not going anywhere, we are there to help. You may feel isolated and friendless, with no one to turn to. You may be coping with bereavement. Your job may be getting you down. And if your marriage or relationship has turned sour, why not let us to talk to both of you? It has proved very successful for many couples desperate to solve some of their difficulties.

Contact us

To contact us, please call 01823 272227.