Talking to a therapist during difficult times should be as normal as brushing your teeth.

  • By nabeeh
  • October 23, 2019

A problem or situation shared can really mean a problem halved.

At Marlborough House our therapists will listen and work with you to enable you to find a way forward through your problems. It is all to easy to become consumed in the here and now and finding a way out can seem like an impossible task. That is where an impartial therapist can really help you see the bigger picture. You may not even be aware how your situation started or what lead to the feelings you are experiencing but by using various techniques we can get to the root of the problem and provide you with the tools and self help needed so you don’t find yourself back in the same situation.

We offer everyone the opportunity to come in for a free initial chat to find out more about how we can help and provide you with the chance to ask any questions, meet the therapist and make an informed decision as to whether we are right for you. Everyone is different and everyone’s set of circumstances are different and that is why we tailor our approach according to the individual or couple.

To book your free chat and let go of your worries call 01823 272227 or email

“The staff at Marlborough House gave me a lifeline! Not only did they help me through a difficult time in my life by offering advice and support but they also gave me tools and education to be able to help myself not just for a bit but for my future too”