Sports Massage – The Facts

  • By nabeeh
  • June 22, 2019

Marlborough House Sports Therapist and Osteopath,  Ali reveals the facts about Sports Massage and how beneficial this treatment can be.

How is Sports Massage different to Deep Tissue Massage or Swedish Massage?

There are many types of massage, some with vey exotic sounding names which are often used to relieve stress and aid relaxation but do little to release tight muscle tissue. A Deep Tissue massage can be a great way to release muscle tension particularly from over-use due to a repetitive sport, however this does depend on the knowledge of the therapist ensuring that the right amount of pressure in the right place is applied. Sports Massages are a specifically tailored treatment designed to reduce pain, improve flexibility and increase range of motion. As a qualified Sports Therapist and Osteopath I am able to work with my clients to identify the root cause of any injury or problem area, relieve pain and work with them to ensure future prevention.

When and how often to get a Sports Massage?

It is beneficial to book regular Sports Massage for maintenance to keep your muscles in good health and identify any problem area’s before they hinder performance. This can vary between once a week to once every 6 months depending on your goals and activity level (every 4 – 8 weeks seems to suit most). If you are very active then once a month will ensure any over training issues are picked up quickly and identify any area of weakness and/or imbalance.

If you have an upcoming event/competition then it is best not to have a full Sports Massage less than 48hours before.

It’s not going to be a spa experience!

During a Sports Massage your cooperation will be required in some parts to optimise its full effectiveness, you may have to move around at times, interact physically and normally always get some homework to help with your recovery. During a treatment we will often find areas of discomfort that you weren’t aware of before but don’t panic this helps us to see the entire story to your pain and treat you accordingly.

Post massage aches

It is normal to feel some discomfort 24-48hours after a Sports Massage, this is because muscles fibres have been lengthened and stretched, any scar tissue has been broken down and your muscles are starting to recover.

Drink Water

Before and especially after any massage it is important to drink plenty of water and help your body flush out any unwanted toxins removed by the massage.

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