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What are parenting skills?

We all want to do the best for our children. But it’s not always easy, and being a parent can feel like the most difficult responsibility we ever have to face.

As your children grow and develop, they can make increasingly impossible demands on you. But remember: feeling helpless and powerless does not mean you are a bad parent! You may simply need some sympathetic guidance and support.

What to expect

Our parenting course consists of six 60-minute sessions. After each session we encourage you to try out the skills you have learned, so that they are consolidated and adapted to your unique situation.

You’ll learn about children’s psychology, and how they often use emotions to get their own way, and you can gain insights into why they behave in the way they do. We illustrate different styles of parenting, and a number of simple ways in which you can boost your children’s confidence and competence. Communicating successfully with your children is a vital skill, too. If you can show your children that you truly do understand what they are feeling and going through, it will help empower them to solve their own difficulties.

Throughout you’ll be able to talk through your own particular parenting problems. You’ll find you’ll quickly gain new confidence, regaining control of your role as parent. And your children’s behaviour should start to improve immediately. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can turn things around at home!

Who and what we treat

If your child is angry, aggressive, persistently throwing tantrums, fearful, uncommunicative, unhappy at school, being bullied, suffering attention deficit disorder, not sleeping – this course could be of significant help to you.

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