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Mr N. Marar (RSHom. Registered society of Homeopaths) – has been in practice in natural health care for over twenty years.
Homeopathy, Hypnotherapy, NLP Coaching, Emotional Freedom Technique.

He has had the good fortune to study and apprentice with some of the best practitioners and in 2006 was quoted in the Evening Standard as one of London’s most trusted health Guru’s.

In 2007, The Telegraph health section stated I was one of the few practitioners worth seeing! I have always been determined to find what works in the field of natural medicine, exploring many therapies, products and ideas. ’’Complex is interesting but simple works best’’ is a statement that sums up people’s health needs, taking care of the basics in terms of nutrition, exercise, and having the right mindset to deal with adversity and to remember to enjoy what’s good. Many people do so, however, many have had trauma and illness too severe or long drawn out to remember what good health and a fulfilling life feels like.

In the treatment of complex cases, I work with Cranial Osteopaths such as Mary Bolingbroke and Daniel Hayward, as a combination of the treatments gives far greater support to the client. I also work extensively with Nutrition and Allergy Therapy provided by Jenny Drewitt. Acupuncture is also an important treatment where there has been long term ill health. One such testimonial supports this :

“Following an accident, I experienced constant pain in my arm, elbow and shoulder. I had one session with Mr Marar and Daniel Hayward and woke up the next morning pain-free; for the first time since my fall, fifteen months previously. It seems like magic and these two can help you tap in to the magic within oneself.” (Martin – Taunton)

While my client’s needs have been diverse, one of my aims is to always ensure that the client gets the right advice and treatment. We would always recommend our clients work closely with their GP or consultants to ensure that they are receiving the best possible care.

Natural approaches to health care simply work at helping the body and mind restore natural function where there is still the capacity to repair.
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Mr Marar’s Testimonials

“Mr Marar has provided a service that is perfectly tailored to my needs, using a variety of techniques from neurolinguistics to hypnotherapy to coaching. When I first saw Mr Marar I was in the depths of despair, suffering from a mental illness that caused me confusion and acute anxiety. It affected all aspects of my life……family, work and leisure. The journey with Mr Marar has been a revelation, enabling me to re-evaluate my life (in its entirety) over the course of several months. This process has cleared the confusion and I’m now enjoying a life with that is much more rewarding. The sessions with Mr Marar are relaxed, comforting and enjoyable. I always learn new things about myself, others and life generally. I can’t thank him enough.” – Mark, Somerset (Nov ’12)