Michal Sojcak - Osteopath

Michal graduated from University College of Osteopathy (UCO) London with a Masters in Osteopathy. Whilst studying he worked as a sports massage therapist and studied to become a personal trainer as well as a nutritional advisor, to further support his patients’ recovery and better holistic health. When treating his patients, he uses structural techniques such as: joint mobilisation, articulation, soft tissue massage and rehabilitation exercises consisting of stretching/ strengthening to guide his patients to faster recovery. Michal creates specific treatment and rehabilitation plan for every patient, depending on their individual needs. He is passionate about posture as well as functional movement, which he believes plays an important role in patients’ health.
Michal was born in Slovakia, moving to London in 2013 relocating to Devon in 2021. He enjoys rock climbing, wild swimming, martial arts and archery.

His skills as a clinician include:
Soft tissue and sports massage – Sports injuries – Acute and chronic pain management – Osteopathic manipulation – Joint mobilisations

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