Meditating is a key to finding, releasing, allowing to be, and creating; there is nothing that cannot be done using this modality to create the changes you want to make in your life.
Whether it is to find inner peace to finding creative solutions to problems.

The joy of mediation is to simply relax and allow yourself to be open to your inner guidance.

No matter how many books you read or the amount of teachers, you seek to expand on your knowledge.

There is an inner wisdom that is the jewel to knowing only you having all you truly desire and how you can specifically tap into your own dynamic personal tools to achieving.

The wisdom that you hold within you, a wisdom you can trust, each of us have our very own personal plan. A reason for being and only your own self knows in which direction you should travel to bring you to the fullness of your destiny.

We each rely on others for many areas of our lives. we go to a dentist for our teeth, to a mechanic for our cars, then why would you seek else where to understand the truth that only you hold.

Many spiritual teachers can assist you and help you to follow a direction, but they cannot know your path, or teach you how to follow it, this truth only you hold within.

On the path you have chosen, you have all the tools and strength to fulfil that which is your highest and most esteemed destiny, but you can only access this wisdom, courage and strength when you shop in the right place.

We have a life time to fulfil all that is destined to be ours and so the sooner we learn to trust in ourselves the sooner we hold the key to the many doors which are there to be opened.

It is your destiny to succeed, and succeed you will.

How difficult and time consuming the road ahead, depends on your willingness to allow your brilliant self to shine through.

Lighting up your path, illuminating the areas which have held you back, the programmes acquired through growing up served their time, but, no longer needed and only keep you going round in circles.

Memories of unfulfilled desires weighing you down, when in some cases not fulfilling your desire was in fact the bigger plan, whether it was in place for you to find something better, or whether it was there to help you grow, all is given out of love.

Only when we can take each moment as it is intended as a gift, true alchemy is achieved.

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“Life is not real, only real to you in that moment; the only truth is the truth you give it.

You cannot turn back time you cannot chance the past, but you can redefine how you choose to view it. and how if affects you now.

Re-focusing on events, experiences and finding the true meaning, why you created them empowers you.

Knowing life is yours, you control your thoughts you control your experience, and when you realise this the funniest thing happens, you stop trying to control things and you can start allowing, trusting in the one true power, YOU.

Meditation is a vital tool in being able to listen to the guidance given to you (free).

Your inner world is reflected in your out-side world, when you can find the peace within, you will see the peace with out.

Connecting with your higher self and working with your subconscious mind, you can create change.

Meditation can be used to find peace and wisdom, but it can also be used to take you on many wondrous journeys within to discover talents and ways to surround yourself with love.

To releasing past hurt, finding forgiveness, a gift unto yourself of liberation.

To creating visions for a future, to which you wish to embark.

Health and happiness are just the by products of mediation.

Mediation has long been seen as either something only the very spiritual practised, in a temple or ashram, or when brought to our attention in the sixties by the Beatles, something you needed to be stoned to!

Either/or is only choice and the latter not really recommended.

We now live in a world where everything seems to be spinning at an alarming rate, in so we need more than ever to find our true inner compass.

We do already mediate often, when you day dream when you allow your thoughts to drift, where you go is the world of mediation.

It can be a coping mechanism, sometimes we do this to escape what seems a harsh reality.

So it is not something new to do, it may just be something new to do deliberately.

Meditation can help you to connect with other aspects of self, not just you the physical self, but your energy self and your spiritual self.

Realising there are many other wondrous aspects of you, you can release limiting beliefs that you are small.

Knowing you are in fact energy, that does affect the reality around you.

Meditation can be as little or as much as you wish it to be, as much as you put in is as much as you get out.

Use it to simply to chill out, or, to its full potential and yours.

Use it to kick start your day or your life…..”