Krystyna Kharakhulakh

Krystyna Kharakhulakh Nail Technician

Nail Technician

Krystyna has 7 years experience working in the nail industry.  She offers beautiful nails, ranging from the classic French manicure to more bold designs.    

Krystyna believes you are unique, with your own style and preferences and will work with you to find the perfect solution.  Your opinion is of vital importance, and Krystyna is ready to bring your ideas to life.  You will leave with shiny, beautiful and strong nails that will delight you for a month. Krystyna complies with all disinfection and sterilisation standards.

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Krystyna’s treatments

A gel polish pedicure will make your toenails beautiful. Ideal for a holiday or when you just can’t keep track of your nails.

  • Gel polish applied on natural toenails

(Toenail plate preparation, cuticle treatment and coating with colour on top.)

  • Gel polish removal and reapplication

(Removing the previous coating, treating the cuticle and applying a new one with colour on top.)

  • Gel polish removal only

(Removal of the existing coating on the toenails and treatment of the cuticle.)