Jenny Drewitt has been working in natural medicine since 1992.

Allergy Therapy

Since establishing Marlborough House in 1997 to provide a higher standard of natural health care, Jenny has been developing her own practice to suit people’s changing needs. Jenny is a qualified Allergy Therapist registered with the Institute of Allergy Therapists. Her approach is to seek solutions to improving peoples health in a practical and cost-effective manner. Too many people are told they have allergies and yet are not given effective help.

Jenny says “I have had great success helping people with chronic digestive problems with simple dietary advice and the use of natural supplements. Our aim is to help you become stronger and more tolerant rather than eliminating all the foods you love”.

We have many clients who have suffered for years and seen many different practitioners and clinics at great cost. Our strength at Marlborough House is that we have many methods to help achieve this whether the problem is physical or emotional.

The increase in Allergies and intolerances is an established fact. Conventional allergy tests such as blood testing and skin prick tests are useful to diagnose a medically defined allergy but don’t show intolerances. Over the years, I have explored several methods of helping adults and children suffering with allergies and intolerances. The use of Applied Kinesiology (AK) has been researched and proven to be of considerable value if done correctly (please see research links provided). This method also allows us to identify intolerances due to sensitisation, nutritional deficiencies, enzyme deficiencies or traumatic association. Click here for more information on Allergy Therapy.

Jenny is also a qualified Flower Essences prescriber – these essences from around the world are used to provide calm, peace of mind and help people to overcome stressful situations.

If at any time you would like to discuss any aspect of your treatment then please feel free to talk to Jenny in the strictest confidence.

As part of managing Marlborough House, Jenny is available for a chat to guide you to the most suitable treatment or therapy for your needs.

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