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Allergy Testing

I bought my son Cohen (age 2) to see Mr Marar in August of this year.

From a couple of weeks old my son has suffered with terrible eczema, especially on his face, which would always crack and get infected from where he would scratch it until it bled.
This caused him such discomfort and would regularly have people stare at him and children say ‘eww what’s wrong with his face’.

As you can imagine this was absolutely heart-breaking for me and such a worry that he would soon understand what people were saying and notice when they would stare at him.

After consultations with a dermatologist, a million different creams from the doctor, including steroid cream and antibiotics to treat the regular infections, we knew it was something more, getting progressively worse as he got older.

We begged for allergy testing for almost a year to determine any underlying issues and were always refused until someone told us about Marlborough House.

After a private allergy test Mr Marar told us our son has various allergies which was related to his eczema. After a massive lifestyle change for our family and after only a couple of days of cutting certain food from his diet there was already a massive improvement to his skin!
We are now almost 4 months into his new diet and homeopathic medicine and the results are like nothing we could have ever expected!! His skin is clear 95% of the time, we no longer have to apply thick, horrible cream to his skin 10 times a day and he is so much happier in himself!

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Mr Marar and the staff at Marlborough House for making such a difference to my son’s life and ours! He is like a different child now and I tell everyone I can about the amazing treatment he has received with you and not to mention the ongoing support.

I have attached a before and after picture of my son and am happy for you to use this review and/or the picture in any advertising you wish to do on your website or social media.

We are truly grateful we found Marlborough House for our beautiful son.

Thank you again

NL (Cohen’s mum)