Tap away your bad memories using TFT

What is Thought Field Therapy (TFT)?

TFT is an extraordinarily powerful tool – it involves tapping various parts of the body while concentrating on the event that’s troubling you, to eliminate the effect of those memories. When you have a trauma, you hold a memory of that event in your body in the form of a code that your body uses to re-assess the negative feelings.

The practice was created 40 years ago by psychology professor Dr Roger Callahan – he discovered he could collapse emotions by tapping his patients’ meridian points without any side-effects. He used tapping to treat everything from needle phobias to grief and found it is particularly useful for eradicating anxiety. It’s not about eradicating the memories, it’s about eradicating the effect of those memories.

How does it work?

These codes are stored in your meridian systems – the pathways through which the body flows energy and which are used in acupuncture. The codes lie dormant until activated by certain situations or thoughts. Then they are open like a computer file. These negative thoughts often trigger physical symptoms such as headaches, stress, or increased heart rate. Using TFT you can collapse the code, and the symptoms disappear. Basically the first two fingers of either hand are used to gently tap very specific points related to the different meridians.

Janet’s experience

Janet Thomson, a successful business woman with three children came across the TFT technique when retraining as a life coach. As part of the course, the trainer asked the participants to think of a happy thought – with cracks beginning to show in Janet’s marriage and endless rows about the smallest things, no happy thoughts came to mind. All Janet could remember was the huge family row the previous day. One of the assistants asked if she could spare a few minutes to try a technique that might help. Without having to talk about the issue, Janet was simply asked to think about what was troubling her.

When the assistant started tapping on specific points on Janet’s face and hands, she says “I felt a shift physically and emotionally as the almost paralysing negative emotions fell away, like a snake shedding its skin. It was extraordinary. It meant that after the trauma, the future became easier to contemplate.”

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Data Source – Extract from an article in the Daily Mail – Mon 12th July 2010

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