Hypnotherapy/Psychotherapy & Crohn’s Disease

All physical diseases including cancer, heart disease and even skin complaints have been helped with Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy. The power of suggestion and mental imagery is a tool all too often overlooked but which can be of immense help to Crohn’s disease sufferers. Remember also that Crohn’s disease is a stress related disease and Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy are both excellent aids to help control emotional stress.

A controlled study in Europe involving 266 patients suffering from Crohn’s disease revealed that psychotherapy is an important element in the treatment of this disease. The researchers found that psychotherapy can improve the therapeutic possibilities of drugs, diet and surgery. Psychotherapy combined with relaxation and removal of stress were considered along with the personality of the patient before the outbreak of the disease. It was suggested that unknown emotional conflicts such as depression, mental lability and anorexia may influence the course of the disease (1).

(1) Psychotherapy of Crohn disease Zur Psychotherapie des M. Crohn. Feiereis H Langenbecks Arch Chir 1984, 364 p407-11

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