Flower Essences and Stress

A Psychological and Metaphysical Study of Dr. Edward Bach’s Flower Essence Stress Formula

Jeffrey R. Cram


A traditional psycho-physiological stress profiling research paradigm is applied to the study of a flower essence combination (Five-Flower Formula) on the “stress response”. A double blind, placebo control group out come study is conducted, in which 24 subjects are administered either a placebo or the flower essence combination prior to engaging in a Paced Serial Arithmetic Task (PSAT). The impact of the PSAT test on the two groups is assessed using a traditional surface electromyograph, with the electrodes being placed at 6 sites. Two of these sites (frontal and cervical) reflect traditional monitoring sites, but all 6 sites were selected to reflect placement over the Chakras. In addition, the ANS is monitored by measurement of peripheral hand temperature and skin conductance (GSR) activity. The results of the study indicate that the flower essence group showed a significantly smaller stress response at the cervical (Throat Chakra) site, as well as the T6 paraspinal (Heart Chakra) site. The emotional/psychophysiological and metaphysical interpretation of the findings are given.

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