Flower Essences and Pain Control

Do Bach flower remedies have a role to play in pain control?

A critical analysis investigating therapeutic value beyond the placebo effect, and the potential of Bach flower remedies as a psychological method of pain relief.

Judy Howard

The Bach Centre, Mount Vernon, Sotwell, Wallingford, Oxon OX10 0PZ, England, UK


This paper explores the potentiality of Bach flower remedies as a means of pain relief through a retrospective case-study analysis to establish how clients suffering with painful conditions responded to the therapy.


The use of Bach flower remedies has brought about positive emotional changes in the majority of clients in this study. Whilst it is difficult to draw a definitive conclusion as to significance of the therapeutic value of these remedies in relation to pain above that of a placebo, the results are encouraging. In particular, relief of negative emotions and promotion of positive thought including how clients opened up about, and dealt with, emotional issues.

The indication is that potential for Bach flower remedies as a therapeutic agent in the relief of pain does exist and is worthy of further qualitative and quantitative investigation through robust, purpose-designed studies to replicate and progress the results shown here.