Hypnotherapy – Stage Tricks or Self Help?

Although hypnotherapy is not a cure for everything, its benefits are well documented in medical journals. So what is it? Simply put, hypnosis involves learning to relax, and anybody can help themselves by doing that. The skill is in the Hypnotherapist understanding the unique issues of the client and helping them achieve results quickly and effectively. The key is in getting people to relax, learn and gain a new perspective on a problem that they have been stuck with. This requires expertise from the therapist and cooperation from the client. Like learning anything new, it requires a bit of practice and then people can do it for themselves.

Hypnosis, or trance states have been used by ancient civilisations for many reasons with Hieroglyphic evidence being found in the Tomb of Isis. The term Hypnosis was first used by Dr James Braid, a Scottish Doctor in the Early Nineteenth century. James Esdaile, a surgeon in 1850, performed many operations using only hypnosis as an anaesthetic. A Spanish surgeon has been replicating that work in the present day.

Hypnosis has received a bad name from people using it to perform stage tricks as well as a general lack of information as to how it really works. Some people express a fear of losing control or of being made to do things they did not want to, or that it would open a can of worms. The simple fact is that people naturally go in and out of a trance state many times per day as part of cyclical rhythm. To put this very simply, we have a conscious mind and what is called an unconscious mind and we have our feelings. The conscious and the unconscious are active and we fluctuate between the two – whilst we are awake, we are influenced by ‘both brains’ as it were. If we are having psychological problems to do with past upset or trauma, then it’s the unconscious mind that needs to have a ‘’software update’’. Communicating with the unconscious mind and updating it, is done simply with deep relaxation or trance, and helping the person to overcome the issues causing the problem.

Why Hypnotherapy?

It is a very safe form of therapy that helps the person overcome their problems rather than sedate themselves with medicines or alcohol. We hypnotise ourselves on a daily basis so why not make sure that you are giving yourself helpful messages? A client once said that she had been told that all her problems were in her mind – interestingly our attitude to our life and problems will make or break us. A famous hypnotherapist, Milton Erikson, stated that when a client comes to us with a problem, it is because they are out of rapport with themselves.

What can Hypnotherapy be used for?

People have found benefits in all sorts of stress situations or ill health. We have helped people suffering in many different ways. Clients have reported improvements in weight problems, fear of flying and public speaking as well as pain control, confidence issues, performance enhancement, depression and digestive problems, panic attacks, anxieties and insomnia.

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