Infant Colic

Infant Colic…is a mothers´ nightmare; a crying, screaming baby, with this condition is the most common reason for parents bringing babies to an osteopath.

This complaint is characterised by inconsolable crying alongside clear signs of gastric discomfort.

Colic typically appears during the first month, when both the nervous and gastrointestinal systems are immature. Too much information reaches the brain, and the newborn doesn’t yet have the ability to prioritise sensory information. It also corresponds with initial development of the neck muscles, when infants placed on their stomach, begin to lift their heads.

It’s important for the G.P to rule out any concerning medical conditions along with various checks by the Osteopath, e.g. testing reflexes, understanding more about the pregnancy and birth process, as well as warning signs (i.e, sucking issues, vomiting, bowel problems).

More importantly, the baby‘s discomfort can be due to an awkward foetal position, traumas during pregnancy, difficult birth process, or post natal trauma. Osteopathic treatment helps restore the baby‘s balance, allowing a healthy growth.

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