Nigel Daly

prodThumb (19)I trained as a Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist, and have been working mostly with children and families since 1982, in the context of my private practice and also in residential care settings. I have given training and supervision to staff teams working in the care profession and have been running courses for groups (and individuals) to help develop parenting skills since 1987.

Parenting Skills

I run a 6-week Parenting Skills Course, this is based on the idea that all human behaviour has a social purpose and children learn a combination of useful and unuseful ways of finding/maintaining their place in a group. The sessions include focusing on how to identify the goals of children’s behaviour by looking at what is happening between the parent & child, including how children use emotions to achieve their goals and learning ways of avoiding being trapped by these negative feelings. The course includes the idea of ‘good parent’ versus ‘responsible parent’, developing practical skills to deal with different situations, encouragement, communication & listening, problem solving, expressing your ideas & feelings to children and finally developing responsibility using natural and logical sequences.


Sometimes we find ourselves at a standstill on our ‘journey’ through life. This can be because we lose a loved one, develop an illness, find the ‘job’ of life too much to cope with, be it at work or home. Sometimes this stuckness is to do with the mistaken messages we have absorbed from our experience of growing up, i.e. we are worthless and powerless. Later in life, we have to undergo massive changes when we lose a loved partner and have to give up a family home, feeling that we’ve lost everything that gave our life meaning. Being alone with these feelings often leads to depression, and we become ‘stuck’ on our journey. It is at this point that we need to seek the help of someone who knows the way. Psychotherapy offers a safe place where we can develop a relationship with someone experienced in these difficulties and who can help you understand what has gone wrong and can help you find the inner resources you need to resolve this temporary stuckness and move on again.


I also do individual work with adults at Marlborough House, helping to empower and support people suffering from depression, anxiety, life ‘journey’ issues, people feeling stuck at home, at work (stress management) and in their relationships. This may involve seeing adults on an individual basis, or it may be more appropriate to see couples together to help them to resolve some of their difficulties.

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