Children’s Clinic

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What is the children’s clinic?

What do you want for your child? In common with every parent, you would doubtless say health, happiness and security. You need to be reassured that any treatment your child is given is not only effective but also completely safe. At Marlborough House we are all caring professional practitioners, fully committed to offering safe treatments for your child or baby.

What to expect

First we listen. We ask you questions about your child or baby, identifying any problems he or she may be experiencing. When we believe we have a full understanding we will recommend a course of treatment that we feel may benefit him or her. This could include allergy therapy, craniosacral therapy, cranial osteopathy, homeopathy and/or parenting skills. We also offer counselling, particularly for teenagers. Remember – there is never any obligation to go ahead with any treatment we suggest. And we are always happy to work in coordination with your GP.

To reassure you further, you will, of course, always be there with your child during treatment. We use a light touch only, so your child or baby will never feel discomfort or distress.

Who and what we treat

Maybe your baby is having feeding difficulties, or experiencing colic or disturbed sleep. Cranial osteopathy, gentle and safe, is a perfect therapy for children and babies. We combine it with gentle osteopathy, and regularly treat children and babies suffering from ear infections, asthma, and sinus problems.

Clients have reported that their children’s behaviour and concentration have improved following cranial osteopathic treatment.

Contact us

To contact us, please call 01823 272227 or click the link below.