Reiki and Multiple Sclerosis

Scientific Research on Reiki

[Translation from German]

Two other interesting reiki studies were performed in 2002 by Duquemin and Pankhurst in England. Reiki treatments for patients with multiple sclerosis and others with chronic fatigue syndrome were studied. Health data were collected in parallel to the treatments. The group of participants studied was fairly small, so further research is needed in this area.

After 12 treatments of 1.5 hours 90.2% of MS patients experienced a reduction in lethargy, 87% suffered less from depression. Cognitive and motor problems were reduced to a considerable extent. Over 70% of patients reported that their pain and fatigue were reduced.

In the group of patients who suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome, 90% reported that their pain was reduced.

An improvement in motor skills was observed in 80% of the patients, and 70% suffered less fatigue.

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