Osteopathy – whiplash…more than just a pain in the neck

A whiplash injury usually causes damage to the soft tissues of the neck and can even lead to a fracture or paralysis. We may just feel some stiffness in the neck following an accident, however the full effects are often delayed by several days or even weeks.

Whiplash occurs where an unexpected force is applied to the neck, causing damage to joints, discs, ligaments, muscles, and nerves of the neck/back. Twisting and compression through the rib cage from the seat belt restraint can cause breathing difficulties and digestive disturbance.

The sacrum (tail bone at base of spine) often becomes wedged into the pelvis, leaving it rigid and immobile. This is one of the most important effects to release in the treatment of any whiplash, because it can disturb the function of the whole spine. Other symptoms that may be experienced:

Headaches; Dizziness; Difficulty staying in one position for long; Burning or tingling; Shoulder pain/restriction; Nausea; Depression or irritability; Hormonal imbalances; Fatigue; Indigestion or other digestive disturbance; Weakness

Daniel Hayward and is a fully qualified and registered osteopath with over 16 years experience of treating pain and injury to all parts of the body. Daniel is a specialist in treating long-standing painful conditions including disc injuries, repetitive strain and migraine. He also works with babies and children using a special very gentle technique known as cranial osteopathy.

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