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Massage Therapies Taunton, Somerset


Deep Tissue Massage uses advanced massage techniques such as trigger point therapy, acupressure and positional release and is especially suitable for relieving tight or strained muscles. Deep Tissue massage techniques are useful for relieving back pain, joint stiffness and muscle tension, respiratory problems, poor circulation and general fatigue. Deep tissue massage can relieve sciatica, muscular pain and tension, carpal tunnel syndrome, frozen shoulder, migraines and headaches and many other conditions See the testimonials below.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage is a very gentle massage which aids lymphatic flow, so aiding the elimination of waste products in the body, it is suitable for conditions such as congested sinuses and congestion headaches, swollen legs and ankles, and is also an effective beauty treatment as it reduces puffy eyes and aids circulation. It can also be a beneficial treatment for whiplash injury and helps to reduce discomfort and increases mobility. Please note that this level of lymphatic drainage massage is not suitable for patients with lymphoedema resulting from injury or surgery, as this requires more specialist manual lymphatic drainage massage techniques.

Thai style massage is very different from other forms of massage. Thai Style massage uses passive yoga and acupressure techniques resulting in a deep but relaxing massage. The technique focuses work along the energy lines in the body and therapists use their hands, elbows, knees and feet and utilise stretching and rocking motions to relieve tension and to remove blockages. This type of massage leaves the client feeling loose and relaxed and is excellent for anyone that needs to relax tense and knotted muscle. The Massage is performed on the floor, rather than a massage couch and the client remains fully clothed, loose clothing such as a tracksuit is advised to aid ease of movement.

Champissage is a face, head, neck and shoulder massage, relieving stress, muscle tension, insomnia and headaches and can be applied with or without oils. If oils are used it acts as a deep conditioner for the scalp and hair. Extremely peaceful and balancing and wonderful if you suffer from head and neck tension and/or headaches or simply want a lovely relaxing treatment.

Therapeutic/Swedish Massage consists of a number of massage movements, varying in intensity from gentle strokes to deep tissue massage. The massage is performed on the unclothed body, using plain or aromatic oil or talc but modesty is ensured at all times, you will be covered with sheets and towels.


Massage is healing by touch. We work with the soft tissues of your body, including muscles, tendons and ligaments. Massage can help to improve the functioning of your joints and muscles, promote circulation and general body tone, and relieve pain and mental and physical fatigue. At the emotional level it calms your spirit, helps you relax, and relieves stress.

What to expect

All our treatments involve lying on a massage table with your head supported on a comfy pillow. We use only natural oils. Most people find the therapy very pleasurable. Please be assured that your privacy and dignity will be maintained at all times.

Who and what we treat

At Marlborough House we regularly treat patients suffering from a wide variety of debilitating conditions, including eye strain, tension headaches and migraines, neck, shoulder and back pain, tinnitus, and jaw and sinus problems. And if you have difficulties sleeping, or you are enduring anxiety and depression, massage could be of significant help to you.

Other therapies that we offer at Marlborough House include aromatherapy and sports injury massage.

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