Hypnotherapy and Intractable Pain

Hypnotherapy – Intractable Pain

The Crasilneck Bombardment Technique consists of six diversified methods of hypnotic inductions used consecutively within one hour; the six sequential systems are typically used for 7 to 10 minutes each and include (71) relaxation, (2) displacement, (3) age regression, (4) glove anaesthesia, (5) hypnoanaesthesia, and (6) self-hypnosis.

In a study conducted at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, USA, twelve consecutive patients, all of whom manifested severe organic pain problems which had not responded to any form of treatment, including stand-ard hypnosis techniques were given Crasilneck Bombardment Technique.

The results showed that ten of the twelve patients responded positively to the Bombardment Method. More interestingly, one year after the treatment, the patients estimates of pain control ranged from a minimum of 80% relief to a maxi-mum of 90%, most of the time. The types of intractable pain treated were six head-aches, three backaches, one arthritic pain, one postherpetic neuralgia pain problem, and one temporomandibular joint pain.

Crasilneck HE. The use of the Crasilneck Bombard-ment Technique in problems of intractable organic pain. Am J Clin Hypn (UNITED STATES) Apr 1995, 37 (4) p255-66

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