Allergy Testing & Treatment

What is Allergy Therapy?

Allergy testing and treatment:

We use several methods to test for food intolerances – none of which use chemicals or invasive technology. All of our methods of allergy relief can safely be used alongside conventional medicine.

What to expect

First we talk to you. We ask you a wide range of questions about your lifestyle, diet, likes and dislikes, and medical history. Unlike many other forms of allergy treatment, we concentrate more on strengthening and supporting your system to cope with identified substances and the environment, rather than completely eliminating and depriving you of the foods you may need.

Who and what we treat

Digestive problems or lack of energy

You may be experiencing symptoms such as respiratory, digestive or skin problems. You may be constantly tired, or have joint or muscle pain or headaches. You may be suffering from hyperactivity, poor concentration, or lack of confidence.

We identify your key sensitivities, balance your nutritional intake, and work with you at restoring good health.

Safe and gentle, allergy testing is suitable for everyone, whether they are young or old.

Please note that if you have a serious health issue or concern, do also consult your GP as certain allergies can be life threatening.

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